Leadership and Supervisory Skills Development

Leadership skills are very critical for every supervisor. This course is tailored to enable supervisors be in position to define who they are, articulate their roles and deliver on those roles appropriately by ably designing a leadership agenda that facilitates their supervisory role. Participants will learn to amicably resolve conflicts, manage change, and build winning teams that can ably articulate the reason for their existence and place their roles in the context of the wider organization.

Course Objectives

By the end of these course participants will be able to;

Think differently in the overall growth and improvement of the organization
Gain better understanding of the overall leadership role. Understand and apply the concept of supervision and relate it to the respective role and responsibilities. Comprehend and adapt appropriate leadership skills for various situations and enhance communication skills with all levels of staff for cross functional effectiveness.

Target Group

Supervisors, Team leaders, Staff supervisors or Line managers who are looking for the key principles of modern supervision practice

Team Building Training Course

Team Building is vital for all motivated, successful teams. It's important to learn how to communicate clearly within your team, resolve conflict, and work to the strengths of the team. Teamwork workshops and retreats help to build cohesion among employees. Our training solutions provide open, non-threatening environments to encourage interaction and communication among individuals that carries over into their working relationships and teams.

Benefits of this Team Building Course

· Higher Productivity & Accuracy

· Improved Team Communication

· Boosted Morale & Motivation

· Effective Problem Solving Techniques

Target Group

Junior staff, Supervisors, Team leaders, Staff supervisors or Line managers who are looking for the key principles of modern supervision practice

Occupational Health & Safety Training

Course Description & Objectives:

Whatever your organization’s size or activities, quality occupational health and safety training is vital to success, being a key component of first-class internal processes. Train and gain the confidence and skills necessary to eliminate health and safety and operational risks to your stakeholders.

 This Occupational Health and Safety training provides an extensive range of situations and scenarios to enable your staff and managers to feel confident and competent in implementing your local health & safety legislation and best practices at work

What you'll learn

. What health and safety at work is and why it is important.

. The work-related hazards and risks that commonly cause accidents and ill-health.

. Employee and employer’s responsibilities for upholding health and safety.

. The welfare facilities that the employer should make available.

. The safety measures and procedures your employer will put in place and how you can help to uphold them.

. Understand what is required of employers and employees under current health and safety legislation.

. Understand the importance and significance of workplace risk assessments.

. Know why it's essential to report and investigate accidents.

. Understand the importance of undertaking a risk assessment to prevent and control hazards.

Target Group

Junior staff, Supervisors, Team leaders, Staff supervisors or Line managers who are looking for the key principles of modern supervision practice

Social Media Management Training

Conversations about organizations and different industries are happening online—with or without the knowledge of these companies. If the prevailing mindset in such organizations is that of “I don’t care attitude”, then they need to think again.

In the midst of a disaster or crisis, public opinion can turn on a dime—and lead to very real financial and organizational trouble. To say you’ll be glad you got out ahead of an issue online—especially one that could have cost you dearly—is an understatement.

Social media management training is an introductory course to social media marketing using popular online social media tools.

Course Objectives

After attending our Social Media Management course you will be able to: 

· Understand the underlying principles of using Social Media to engage with your clients and target audience

· Formulate an action plan that combines the key Social Media Networks and tools

· Effectively create compelling content to increase your online presence

· Monitor the success of your Social Media campaign

· Generate ideas for social media strategies that work


Who is the Social Media Management Course for?

This training course is ideal for organizations who wish to harness the power of social media or if you are:

· New to or looking to learn more about the latest social media trends

· Looking for an overview of social media or get to grips with the platforms

· Enhancing your knowledge of the latest trends and developments

· Wanting to learn about best practice

· Confused about the best platforms for your organization to achieve its goals

· Already using social media and looking to increase your return on investment

·  Looking for tools to optimize your existing social media activities

·  Looking to monitor and measure your social media efforts

·  Creating a social media marketing plan for your business





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